Enter (optional) information about a patriarch and/or matriarch in the first two lines of the form above, then click the Generate button to create their family tree (descendants). Names will be generated automatically along with a random MBTI personality type for each person.

To get multiple generations of the family as of a particular year, fill in the Current Year; otherwise expand the tree with the Family buttons. The default type of lineage is medieval human; use the Human type/fantasy race dropdown to switch to other human cultures or fantasy races. (Some include clans.)

The default view of the lineage is a list, but a tree view, a timeline view, and a CSV text version are also available. Once a family tree has been generated, you can use the List View, Tree View, Timeline View, and CSV View buttons to switch between these views. In the Timeline view, you can press the Hide button next to a name to collapse that person and his descendants.

Use the Reseed button to generate a new random tree from the same patriarch and/or matriarch.

In the List view, you can edit a name and press return to change it, or press the R button next to the name to get a new random name. The CSV version of the current family tree can be edited to change ages, sexes, etc.; to apply your changes, click the Load from CSV button under the CSV box.

To reproduce a random tree again later, save the value of Random Seed after you generate your tree. Then enter it into Random Seed and click Generate to recover your tree. You can also reproduce the tree from the CSV; copy the text from the CSV box and save it to a file. Then paste it back in to the CSV box and click the Load from CSV button. (You will need to use the CSV method to save a tree you've edited.)

The Names buttons shows a name list for the currently selected race. The Instructions button reopens these instructions. The Clear button completely clears the form and family.