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PrePub 1.0.0

This is an archive of PrePub version 1.0.0, which still had some bugs involving special passages and newlines in Twine 1.


PrePub is a Twine proofing format for converting simple stories to a flat (pandoc extended) Markdown file, useful for conversion to ePub format with Pandoc. PrePub supports the StoryAuthor and StorySubtitle special passages, but does not support scripting in any way.

PrePub is available for Twine 1 as well as for Twine 2.


To add PrePub to Twine 2, use this URL (under Formats > Add a New Format): https://mcdemarco.net/tools/scree/prepub/format.js. (Installation may fail due to this Twine bug.)

To add PrePub to Twine 1, create a new folder called prepub inside your targets folder, then download this file: https://mcdemarco.net/tools/scree/prepub/header.html and place it inside the prepub folder. (See the Twine wiki for more information about installing and using story formats in Twine 1.)


In Twine 2, import your story (if it isn’t already in Twine 2) and click on it to open it. If PrePub is not your default story format, or if the story had a different story format previously, then click on the story menu arrow next to your story title (in the lower left hand corner of the UI) and select Change Story Format to change it to PrePub. Click the Play button to dowload the formatted story.

In Twine 1, open or create a story (under the File menu). Then, in the Story menu under Story Formats, select PrePub as the story format. Choose Test Play to download your story. (You may need to restart Twine 1 if you installed PrePub while it was running.)

In either version, if you Publish or Build to a file instead, you will need to open that HTML file, which will in turn download the desired markdown file.

Next, you will probably want to convert the file to epub using pandoc:

pandoc -o my-ebook.epub my-ebook.md --epub-chapter-level=2

Kent Bye’s advice includes more flags to set to spiff up your output:

pandoc -o my-ebook.epub title.txt my-ebook.md --epub-cover-image=cover.jpg --epub-metadata=metadata.xml --toc --toc-depth=2 --epub-stylesheet=stylesheet.css

(You will need to create cover, metadata, and stylesheet files in that case.)


The Scree test story is available formatted as markdown using PrePub (test-prepub.md), and as transformed by Pandoc: test-prepub.epub.


The source code is at BitBucket. PrePub was inspired by enscree, which was based on entwee, which was based on entweedle.