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Old, Grey, Dumb and Evil

The Slate Star Codex story (previously covered in The Tragedy of the Cancels and Scooped) has a few new chapters. After turning his life upside-down to prepare for his eventual doxxing by the “dumb and evil” Old Grey Lady, Scott Alexander brought up a new blog at Substack, this time called Astral Codex Ten (and this time a true anagram of his pseudonym instead of just a near-anagram).

The vicious old hag responded by publishing a hit piece, which Scott disproved by example in his new blog.

I don’t want to accuse the New York Times of lying about me, exactly, but if they were truthful, it was in the same way as that famous movie review which describes the Wizard of Oz as: “Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person she meets and then teams up with three strangers to kill again.”

I believe they misrepresented me as retaliation for my publicly objecting to their policy of doxxing bloggers in a way that threatens their livelihood and safety. Because they are much more powerful than I am and have a much wider reach, far more people will read their article than will read my response, so probably their plan will work.

Most notably, Scott has returned to making predictions about the coronavirus pandemic, the activity that brought him the dinosaur media’s malicious attention in the first place, in Coronavirus: Links, Discussion, Open Thread, and to reviewing the science in COVID/Vitamin D: Much More Than You Wanted To Know (tl;dr: six more months of COVID, and no appreciable effect, respectively).