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Indecision Fiction

Sadly, Decision Fiction has passed from the up-and-comers to the down-and-outers. But don’t despair, there are plenty more where that came from:

  • Sadako compares itself to Twine, ChoiceScript, and Ink, but looks very little like Twine, a lot like ChoiceScript, and even more like Ink
  • Toothrot is a similarly Ink-y choice engine
  • Ramus is an HTML-based (as in, writing your own HTML with a few special attributes) hypertext system
  • Elm Story is an even GUI-er approach to choice fiction than Twine, with ambitions of becoming a cloud service when it grows up
  • Gordian Book is an online converter from (script-free) Twine to PDF gamebooks
  • pangamebook is the pandoc filter successor to gamebookformat
  • Another RPG Engine, the Twine/SugarCube plugin, is up to v3.0.3