Aucteraden Scorer


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Rules Cheatsheet



Aucteraden requires a single Decktet, four suit chips per Decktet suit, and either this scorekeeper or a way to keep score. {{extended ? "" : "Remove the Excuse, Pawns, and Courts."}} Take all the chips, and deal out three cards to form the market.


The objective is to fill the tableau with sixteen cards that form the longest possible chains of orthogonally adjacent, increasing sequences of cards for each suit, preferably including Aces and/or Crowns, while neither spending all your chips of any suit nor failing to spend at least one chip of each suit. {{extended ? "Note that Pawns and Courts have a rank of zero (below Ace)." : ""}}

Turn Order

  1. Buy a card from the market.

    The leftmost card costs two chips, the middle one chip, and the rightmost card is free. {{ extended ? "Pawns and Courts cost one chip more than the market price." : "" }} All chips paid must match a single suit of the card bought. (That is, when paying more than one, they must all be the same color.)

    If you are unable to place a card you must discard all of them for a 3 VP penalty. You may voluntarily discard all market cards for the same.

  2. Play to tableau.

    The tableau may not grow beyond 4 cards in any direction. Also Aces and Crowns may not be placed orthogonally adjacent, though they may be diagonally adjacent. {{ extended ? "Similarly, Pawns and Courts may not be orthogonally adjacent." : "" }}

    To score victory points for a suit chain, ranks should be in order (allowing for holes): {{ extended ? "Pawn/Court," : "" }} Ace, 2, 3, ..., 8, 9, Crown. Chains may snake around in any orthogonal direction.

  3. Refill the market.

    The Market should always contain three cards, unless the draw pile is exausted.

    1. Draw a new card.
    2. {{ extended ? "If it is The Excuse, discard the entire market and The Excuse. Otherwise, discard" : "Discard" }} any existing market cards that match any suits on the new card.
    3. Fill in any market gaps by moving the cards to the right.
    4. {{ extended ? "If it wasn't The Excuse, place" : "Place" }} the new card in the rightmost available space.
    5. Fill in any remaining market gaps from the draw pile. {{ extended ? "If you draw The Excuse, discard the entire market and The Excuse, and refill with three cards." : ""}}

    There is a rolling market variant in which each drawn card is checked against the existing market, and the market cards possibly discarded, rather than only the first card {{ extended ? "and The Excuse" : "" }} forcing discards.

  4. Check the end game conditions.

    If the tableau is full or the market is empty, the game is over.


Victory Points

A score of 40 is a win, while 50 is a commanding win.

Score one ascending chain per suit, according to the following table.

Cards {{scoreChart[n-1].count}} 7+
VP {{scoreChart[n-1].vp}}

For each of the chains scored above, also score the following bonuses for including Aces and/or Crowns:

  • Ace only: 1 VP
  • Crown only: 2 VP
  • Ace and Crown: 4 VP


  • -3 VP for each time you discarded the Market.
  • -5 VP for each fully spent or fully unspent color of suit tokens.
  • -5 VP for each hole in your tableau.