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Decktet Games and Tools

The Decktet is an alternative deck of cards created by P.D. Magnus and released under a CC license.

My Games

I’ve half-designed a few games for the Decktet based on other games, mostly as an intellectual exercise. They have not yet been fully playtested.


Buttle is a two-player game based on the traditional(ish) card game Cuttle, inspired by a previous reimplementation of it for the Decktet by Oshojabe at Reddit.

The Badger on the Borderland

The Badger on the Borderland is based on The Fox in the Forest, a two-player trick taking game which you can also play with traditional playing cards.


I’m also working on a game of my own for the Decktet. Personimo is a badgerized version of the popular board game Kingdomino. There is no implementation so far, only rules.

Online Games

I’ve implemented or updated a few solitaire games for the Decktet:

I only dimly recall my reasons for updating Adaman; I think they were mainly stylistic. Myrmex I wanted to be able play without breaking out my double Decktet deck. Cascades was a little experiment with a lightweight JavaScript framework called mithril. Aucteraden was easy to play but hard to score.


Besides Aucteraden’s scoresheet/rules summary, I also made a little tool to replace my missing D&D dice when playing the two-player Decktet game Magnate, also using Vue.js: