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Icehouse Pyramid Games and Tools

Icehouse pieces, a.k.a. Looney pyramids, are stackable pyramids of three sizes and many colors, invented by John Cooper and Andrew Looney for the game Icehouse.

Rules and Tools

I’ve put together some rules summaries, randomizers and scoresheets for pyramid games:


I’ve compiled some pyramid geeklists for reference:

My Games

I’ve half-designed a few pyramid games based on other games, mostly as an intellectual exercise. They have not yet been fully playtested.


Darcana is an unpublished work in progress along the lines of Dectana, but with more Gnostica and less Zark City.

Deck Town

Deck Town is based on Zark City, a Zarcana for the rest of us by Andrew Looney. I devised it in order to work my way up to actually playing Dectana (after having merely deciphered it).

Jacynth City

Jacynth City is also based on Zark City, a Zarcana for the rest of us by Andrew Looney, as well as the Decktet classic Jacynth by P.D. Magnus, I devised it after a discussion on my geeklist of Zarcana-type games.


Somids is a variant of Nomids designed for my pyramid-hungry toddler who refuses to shed.