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Tools of the Trade

I have a few writing tools on my site, though nothing to compare to donjon’s site.

My Scrivener template, Scree, is for writing hyperfiction gamebooks in Scrivener, for publication using Twee/Twine. I’ve made a few story formats for Twine as well: Paloma, a Jonah replacement for Twine 2, DotGraph, a proofing format for displaying your Twine story nodes as a graph, and entwee and enscree, one-time-use formats for exporting a Twine 2 story into, respectively, the old twee format and a related format used by Scree.

The Random Family Tree Generator is a product of NaNoWriMo 2013, during which I wanted to populate several dwarf clans, fast.

My sffms package is a LaTeX document class for writing speculative fiction that I maintained for many years.


My app.net app Paste is a pinboard-style app that I sometimes use to collect writing links. It’s hosted at Amazon, but I blogged about it here. I also wrote a simpler app.net app, Crick Ticker, for setting stream markers on Alpha, the app.net microblogging service. My latest app.net app, Market Bucket, is a shopping list app that I also use for my to-read list.

I wrote a reading tool, a bicolorization bookmarklet, along with some revisions to an existing bicolored Tetris game, intended for use with anaglyph glasses. As usual, there are more details in the blog.

I’ve also made a few gaming tools, and some bookmarklets for the ColourLovers website.