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Yesterday I updated my app.net Paste project. I released Paste while I was at LoneStarCon (somewhat accidentally, when @duerig, Paste’s brainfather, posted about it to ADN), so I didn’t take the time to blog about it then. Somehow blogging didn’t happen when I got back from San Antonio either (maybe because I’m not a white male).

Anyway, the first post about Paste should have said: Paste is a pasteboard/pinboard running on the social networking platform app.net. Each paste has a public link that can be viewed without logging in to app.net, as well as a “private” link which will display both the selected paste and a list of the logged-in user’s recent pastes. To create a new paste, you will need a (free) app.net account.

Paste is the brainchild of Jonathon Duerig (@duerig), and is based on his code from the first session in the Learning the app.net API 101 patter room. As of yesterday it also uses his appnet.js. For more gory details, see Paste’s README on github.

The second post about Paste should say: Paste has been updated to include deletion of pastes and persistent authentication. I also added some web app (i.e., add to home screen) stuff for iOS, but because Paste requires an internet connection to get your pastes from app.net, running Paste as a web app is not particularly useful.

I’m still planning to cache the javascript for the web app in order to make it load faster, since web apps don’t share the cache or local storage with the main Safari app anymore (not that I use Safari, but I assume other people do). This may also solve the annoying iOS bug that shows the loading spinner constantly. Other plans for Paste include:

  • Paging to older pastes
  • Optional fields for title, description, language/type, and grouping of pastes
  • Longer pastes (using the ADN files API)
  • Private pastes
  • Profit!!!