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DotGraph 2.0.2

As mentioned previously, I made a “proofing format” for graphing a Twine hypertext story, DotGraph, which produces graphs in the style of this Chimney Rock map. Today’s update to version 2.0.2 adds support for omitting passages by tag, and officially releases the existing 2.0.1 support for displaying <<display>> links.

I couldn’t find a simple bookmarklet to unhijack tracking links (which often dead-end in my ad blocker and are a pain to reconstruct), so I wrote one:


Apply on the source page before clicking the link.

I found a clue here to how to fix the annoying, poorly-formatted xref buffer that had mysteriously appeared when Q-ing in dired in Emacs 25.2:

(define-key dired-mode-map (kbd "Q") 'dired-do-query-replace-regexp)


Via a mailing list: GigaNotoSaurus is a new market for longer science fiction and fantasy stories (up to 25,000 words), paying a flat rate of $100. Check out the submission guidelines.

Sauron's Inspiration

If the template cuts this off, just click on it:

xkcd 712: Sauron's Inspiration

The Readability Bookmarklet

Via Daring Fireball: the arc90 lab announces a customizable bookmarklet called Readability that will turn almost any cluttered website into a cleaner, sparser, more readable page.