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I found Killing Hitler With Praise And Fire on a list of grown-up CYOA at Goodreads and, though the ratings there were uninspiring, I followed a link to Amazon and checked out those reviews as well. Most of the positive reviews mentioned the novelty and nostalgia of finding a modern CYOA book. Other opinions ranged from “meh” to negative, with one interesting “review” in which the reviewer said nothing about the book except that it was not this “book”.

Note: it’s not available on Kindle.

Scree 3.0.3

I’ve updated Scree, my Scrivener template for writing hyperfiction with Twine/Twee, to work with Scrivener 3. Scrivener 3 is Mac-only right now, but there’s the usual free 30-day-total trial for new and Scrivener 2 users. The most notable improvement for Twine writing is that Scrivener 3 can now do automatic post-processing after compiling, plus it offers to open the resulting HTML story file for you.

You can still use the old template on Windows or in Scrivener 2 for Mac.


The Interactive Fiction Writers Conference is going on live today. You can still register and play back the earlier sessions or join the current one. We got to play some cool multiplayer choice fiction over Telegram in an earlier session, and won!


I’ve been working on updating Scree to Scrivener 3, using a trial version that’s currently at version 3.0.3. The latest Scrivener has lots of options, including one that can post-process text files on the command line (as long as you don’t have the sandboxed Mac App Store version of Scrivener) as part of the compile process, which means no more hacky UI scripting for me.

But there are bigger fish to fry in Scrivener 3, such as possibly leaving Twee/Scree altogether for a more direct hyperfiction writing process involving Scrivener internal document links or a non-Twine, pandoc-based CYOA format, or both.


I fell down an internet hole and found this Twine Garden via this Twine gardener.