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I don’t update the recipes from Github to the site frequently, but after making Rough Puff pastry for Feta Puffs for a party that got snowed out, I used my unexpected free time to go through the partially-manual update process. I didn’t take pictures of the puff pieces, but I only made half the batch and we only ate a quarter of it, so there’s still hope. (Other recent, mostly unphotographed recipes include Devilled Chicken Thighs, Turkey or Chicken a la King, and M&M Bark.)

While I was under the Jekyll hood, I automated more of the process so that now there’s only one manual step: fitting new recipes into the human-curated recipe list order. The menus have been rearranged and renamed a bit as well. The recipes, the accidental conlanger, and the material formerly classified under “social” or “stream” now appear together under the heading “salmi”.

Boskone 56

Boskone, New England’s longest-running science fiction and fantasy convention, begins tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, with an afternoon slate of free programming and gaming. As usual, you can find out more about Boskone at The Boskone Blog, Twitter, Facebook, and the Boskone website.

I’m on the schedule again this Boskone, where I’ll be talking about games, interactive fiction, free will, and Star Trek.

Correlation Causation

Because it’s intimately linked to BoardGameGeek data, yet another blog post appears only in my BGG blog, 40 Graphs. Post #2 is about a BGG correlation tool.

Pnut Botter Talks Back

Yesterday I made a little bot (Twiki) with a glitch back end (pnut-botter); today he learned to reply to mentions.

pnut botter

I made a little bot (Twiki) with a glitch back end (pnut-botter) for the most recent pnut.io hackathon: