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Harvest Randomizer

I didn’t support the Kingdom Builder: Harvest kickstarter and I haven’t gotten a copy yet, but back when I added Marshlands to my Kingdom Builder randomizer I also promised to eventually update it for Harvest,. The actual changes would have been simple if I weren’t so horrified by the spaghetti code into which the randomizer had grown over the years.

It’s a little late for refactoring when Harvest is the last expected expansion in the tumultuous history of Kingdom Builder, but refactor I did. This cleared up some subtle bugs and introduced some less-subtle bugs, all of which are, hopefully, squashed now. Please let me know if they’re still crawling around in there.

The source is still at github.

I couldn’t find a simple bookmarklet to unhijack tracking links (which often dead-end in my ad blocker and are a pain to reconstruct), so I wrote one:


Apply on the source page before clicking the link.

Macro and Micro

I backed the Micro.blog Kickstarter mainly in memory of App.net, since I wasn’t sure whether anything would come of it—mostly because of the odd choice to make the Kickstarter about a book rather than about the microblogging service that seemed to be the primary interest of the backers. In fact, I’m still not sure anything will come of it, but invitations to Kickstarter backers are out and mine inspired me to set up an indie microblog.

The new smallness can be found under micro, or (hopefully soon) at Micro.blog under my username. I also tossed in the feed from pnut.io, my preferred less indie but more convenient microblogging successor to App.net.

I found a clue here to how to fix the annoying, poorly-formatted xref buffer that had mysteriously appeared when Q-ing in dired in Emacs 25.2:

(define-key dired-mode-map (kbd "Q") 'dired-do-query-replace-regexp)

Pasted and Patreonized

I set up a Patreon account sometime last week, because I was resurrecting Paste from the dead and some Paste fans who also use Patreon have encouraged me to sign up more than once. Of course I’m not so patreonized that I would give my Patreon site a real launch or do any of the things suggested in the many emails I’ve gotten from Patreon over the course of the week since I signed up, but I did finally get around to making a post this weekend about the rebirth of Paste. It said more or less the following:

Paste was a client-side pasteboard app I wrote for App.net back in the day. When App.net went down a couple of weeks back, all my App.net apps went down with it. (The latter was how I found out App.net was being shut down and you’d better get your data out before…oops.)

Fortunately, I’d gotten onto pnut.io, a similar social network, back before the rush of App.net refugees, and the API had matured enough since then that I could get Paste running again with just a few tweaks. The new Paste is up at paste.mcdemarco.net.

In honor of the near occasion of internet privacy last week, I made sure Paste also works at the secure version of the URL: https://paste.mcdemarco.net.

Note that the new Paste requires an invitation-only pnut.io account in order to save pastes.

I have ideas for some more Patreonizable projects: perhaps finishing the hypertext novel I started in November, and definitely finishing the custom playing card generator I’ve been working on more recently.