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I was supposed to be working on my NaNoWriMo planning, but Peter scored me some anaglyph glasses early on in his weekend of playing with video gear, so instead I wrote a bookmarklet and slightly improved a Tetris game intended for use with anaglyph glasses. I named the bookmarklet Bicolorize; follow the link for a configuration form in which you customize the bookmarklet for your particular glasses and desired background color. You can then play Tetris using the same configuration.

Any further explanation of the project might get me into the murky territory of dispensing medical advice, but I should at least say that nothing you see here is intended to be in 3D. I found the previous version of the anaglyph Tetris game through Michael Lievens' blog, and then traced it back to Github where my version now resides in a fork. The inspiration for the bookmarklet came from the author(s) of a different game of anaglyph Tetris, Lazy Eye Tetris, who also have a rudimentary reading “game” on their site that’s not entirely unlike the bookmarklet.