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About Enscree

Enscree is my one-time-use story format for exporting a Twine 2 story into a MultiMarkdown format used for importing into Scrivener/Scree. This is not a task that a twee can do. Enscree creates an HTML file that in turn creates the plain text MultiMarkdown file.


To add Enscree to Twine 2, use this URL (under Formats > Add a New Format): https://mcdemarco.net/tools/scree/enscree/format.js


The current version is 1.1.0, which outputs a MultiMarkdown file with Unix newlines.

The previous version was 1.0.1, which output Windows linefeeds. If you have trouble with the current version, you can install the previous with the URL: https://mcdemarco.net/tools/scree/enscree/1.0.1/format.js