m. c. de marco: To invent new life and new civilizations...


M. C. DeMarco lives near Boston, Massachusetts, where she writes speculative fiction after hours. She attended the Odyssey Fantasy Writing Workshop in 2004 and won the NESFA 2005 Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story Contest. Her short stories have appeared in the Strange New Worlds 8, Strange New Worlds 10, Paramourtal, and Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic anthologies.

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I spell my name m. c. de marco on this website for effect only. In print, my last name should be spelled as one word with two capital letters: M. C. DeMarco. When using all capital letters, the E must be typeset in small caps, thus: M. C. DeMARCO. My initials are M.C.D. Also, DeMarco should be alphabetized with the D's, between Demarais and Desmarais. [more...]