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Banned from DisCon

©2021 M. C. DeMarco

a filk of Banned From Argo by Leslie Fish

When we first heard of DisCon III it was a summer con
Despite the move to Christmastime we jumped up and signed on
We had high expectations of South'rn hospitality
But found too late it wasn’t geared for families such as we

        So we’re banned from DisCon, no more fun
        Banned from DisCon just for having a little one
        We planned a jolly vacay there, about a week or more
        But DisCon doesn’t want us anymore!

We zoomed o'er to ConZealand and it wasn’t that complex
But stuck at home for plague year we also had a little sex
A little one was on the way – a tiny future fan!
Instead of her first WorldCon, she came in time for her first ban!


We didn’t side with Toni and we didn’t chair the con
We got our vaccinations and went out with our masks on
Our baby is all geared up and only rarely bratty
But she’s far too young to qualify for Pfizer’s Comirnaty!