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The Badger on the Borderland

Deep in the forest lived a badger well-known for his skiil at tarot reading. Penitents and lunatics would journey over the mountain for a chance of meeting him.

The Badger on the Borderland is based on The Fox in the Forest, a two-player trick taking game which you can also play with traditional playing cards.

This is Version 1.0; this game has not yet been playtested.


Remove the following cards from the deck:

The Round

For each round, deal thirteen cards each. The remaining cards form a draw pile. Flip the first card of the draw pile; this is the decree card and it establishes the trump suit. If any decree card has mulitple suits, the trump is the uppermost of those suits.

Play thirteen tricks per round. The winning card of a trick is the highest-ranking card in the trump suit if trump was played, or the highest ranking card in the other, lead suit(s) if trump was not played.

Card Effects

The list of odd-ranked card effects is the same as in The Fox in the Forest:

Note that the Pawns rank as 10, between 9 and Crown (11).

Round End

Players score for the round according to the number of tricks they took:

Tricks3 or fewer4567–910 or more

Game End

The game ends when a player scores 21 points.


The Fox in the Forest game length variants (to 16 points or 35 points) can be applied to Badger.


The Decktet is an alternative deck of cards created by P.D. Magnus and released under a CC license.