m. c. de marco: To invent new life and new civilizations...


Urban renewal has come to Jacynth. Once the dust has cleared from the demolition of her seedier areas, you and your architectural rivals compete to build the poshest new district of the sprawling city. But style isn’t everything; equally important is building major attractions and enticing the city’s famous personalities to settle in your growing neighborhoods, while bad luck or poor planning may leave some blocks unimproved and uninhabited.

Personimo is a Decktet game badgerized from the popular board game Kingdomino. It’s a work in progress by yours truly.

There is no online implementation as of yet; you’ll need cards and tokens and all that boardgame jazz.



You can read the current rules here; in short, you play Decktet cards like dominoes across pairs of squares on a grid and score for single-suited orthogonal regions if they include a scoring card. There are two more catches: you compete for cards in a market according to their value, and only one suit is assigned to each end of the card, unlike in traditional Decktet tableau games. (If that’s too confusing, there’s a variant, Jacynimo, that counts suits the traditional way instead.)


The Decktet is an alternative deck of cards created by P.D. Magnus and released under a CC license.

Kingdomino, Queendomino, and the forthcoming expansion, Kingdomino: Age of Giants are by Bruno Cathala; they are published by Blue Orange Games.