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Stargate Novels

I’ve been following the progress of Fandemonium Ltd.’s Stargate Novels for a few months now. I’ve always wondered what was going on in the Stargate tie-in world, and I still don’t know. Fandemonium is a London-based publisher licensed to sell Stargate books pretty much everywhere except the US and Canada. (All we get here are the reissues of a handful of poorly-received books from in the early days of the movie and series.)

Recently Fandemonium posted submissions guidelines for proposals, which they’ll be accepting by snail-mail in November. Some Pocket Books (Star Trek tie-in) writers posting at TrekBBS are unimpressed with Fandemonium, citing concerns vagueness about advances, the size of the UK market, the fannish aura of the promotional materials, and the general iffiness of the whole setup.

Yet Fandemonium has two Stargate novels out already, Trial by Fire (#1) and Sacrifice Moon (#2). A third is due out in November. Apparently, you can get them shipped to the US by Amazon UK (#1, #2). If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the expense, check out Julie Fortune’s on-line sample of Sacrifice Moon and the GateWorld forum thread about it.