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Drupal Expansion

Tweaking my website is not nearly as important to my writing career as, say, actually writing; nevertheless, tweak happens. I’d been meaning to expand my use of Drupal on the site ever since I installed it in a corner directory to replace the infinitely geeky but not-so-user-friendly Blosxom. What pushed me over the edge today was Google.

When I google myself, I get another M. C. DeMarco, some pages that link to here, and one or two of my old sites. This domain shows up, too, but without a nice description or any indication that I’m the real M. C. DeMarco. I think the problem is my gorgeous but content-free splash page. I could have figured out the Google algorithm of the moment and tweaked my meta tags to suit, but deep in my heart I knew splash pages were the adverbs of the web world: it had to go.

So now it’s gone, and the main drupal page has taken its place. I also added navigation improvements like search, a link to my kind hosts, pretty feed buttons (from Taylor McKnight’s collection and Adam Kalsey’s button maker), and some under-the-hood stuff like email notifications. Still to come is a pegged site-mission-style entry, or the built-in Drupal site mission blurbifier. [It should be up on the front page now.]