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UPC Novella Award

Someone on one of my mailing lists mentioned the UPC Novella awards. Here’s the blurb from Locus:

The UPC awards go to winners of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s annual contest open to unpublished works written in Catalan, Spanish, English, or French, of novella length (between 70-115 typewritten pages). Entries are judges blindly. The prize is currently 6000 Euros (approx. $5200), making it the most profitable per-word award in the SF field.

Since the link at Locus was broken, I went googling. The first clue I found was the real name of the award, Premio UPC de Ciencia Ficción, thanks to previous winner Robert J. Sawyer, which led me to Orson Scott Card’s speech from the 2003 awards ceremony, Open Literature.

At the bottom of the page are links to last year’s rules and contest information. The deadline was September 15th and presumably will be again, so there’s still plenty of time to write your novella.