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It’s been a while since I blogged about Getting Things Done, but a few days ago I spotted a new kid on the productivity block (in John Gruber’s linkblog). TaskPaper, is the ultimate lightweight GTD application—so simple you could be using paper itself. It goes without saying these days that this new cool indie product is for the Mac.

I downloaded TaskPaper immediately, but didn’t install it until tonight, after having tried out TaskPaper.web at work. The web version is more colorful than the black-and-white Mac application; I found a few preferences to tweak, but TaskPaper still lives up to its promise of being nearly untweakable. It’s the GTD version of the distraction-suppressing WriteRoom, the second-simplest method out there. Here’s #1, but beware of vulgarity.

The user guide was very basic but there’s an extremely thorough review at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, perhaps inspired by this promise of free license keys to reviewers. (I’m not fishing for a license, just providing a relevant writing link.) I doubt mere simplicity can keep TaskPaper out of my tarpit of abandoned GTD applications, but if I does I’ll report my progress in a later post.