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National Games Week

Last week was National Games Week, according to the Deseret Morning News. (I’m not the only one who missed it completely.)

And [Eurogames] are perfect for Utah, he says, where there’s a “culture that supports board games. There’s an emphasis on families and family fun. I hear from our distributors that games do better here than in a lot of places.”

Consider, for example, the fact that the Tutoring Toy, located in Foothill Village, outsells New York’s famed FAO Schwartz when it comes to the card game Ruckus. The game is based on creating (and stealing) matching sets of cards. It’s a great family game, says Casey Sartain, buyer for the store his family owns, “because it’s one of the few games where you can sit a 6-year-old, a teenager and a parent at the same table and they’ll be equally entertained and have an equal chance of winning.”

Perhaps fewer New Yorkers have a convenient 6-year-old, teenager, and parent to play with.