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More Metropolis

Via SFScope: an original print of Metropolis has been found in Argentina.

Museum of Cinema Director Paula Felix-Didier said a private collector brought an original version of the film to Argentina in 1928, where it languished in the museum’s archives. It was rediscovered in April, and the deleted scenes were combined with the known film on a DVD, which Felix-Didier brought to the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation in Germany in June. The Foundation, which owns the rights to Metropolis, confirmed the scenes were original. Felix-Didier said “The film hasn’t left the museum and it won’t leave until the city government and the Murnau Foundation decide what to do.”

Director Helmut Possman of the Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation said the uncut film, which is badly scratched, would be made available to the public after it had been restored.

I wonder how they confirmed that the missing scenes were original. Do they have a witness?