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Flying Death's Heads

Via Universal Hub: Skulls in Brookline is a brief history of the winged death’s head as seen in Walnut Street Cemetery in Brookline.

The link is, in fact, for my sister. I may be a plague-blogging, zombie-loving part-time horror writer, but at least I don’t decorate the apartment with my own gravestone rubbings. Which is to say, I suppose, that horror is relative.

Ayn Rand thought horror boiled down to eliciting the emotion of terror. The Horror Writers Association, somewhat more tautologically, boils it down to the emotion of horror. But I think that for all the emotion of the label, horror is no more atmospheric a genre than fantasy or science fiction. Horror is to the unnatural as fantasy is to the magical. Horror is the literature of injustice (the innocent mowed down with chainsaws) as fantasy is of justice (the king coming into his own) and science fiction of progress.