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Spore on a Board

I’m not enough of a gamer to write up session reports, but I saw part of a game of Evo tonight and thought it was cute enough to blog about. I would characterize the game as Spore on a Board. You bid for mutant genes and dinosaur parts in order to evolve the fittest dinosaurs before the approaching comet strikes and wipes out fit and unfit indiscriminately, leaving nothing behind but the scoreboard. So perhaps that should be Spore on a Board with Despair.

Players can get creative when attaching their adaptations. Someone didn’t stop there; he went on to make 3-D dinosaurs out of Fimo. It would be simpler to get some tiny toy plastic dinosaurs if you really want to add to the appeal of the game, perhaps in order to trick a 12-year-old into learning something.

Evo isn’t the only game out there with an evolution theme, though it’s not clear where the evolution comes into Genesis or MicroMutants: Evolution. Evolution and Primordial Soup (Ursuppe)/Urland, on the other hand, look promising.