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Under the Wire

This is a late NaNoWriMo finish for me. Usually I schedule an early completion to avoid the stress of last-minute noveling, but this month I got off-schedule and never quite got back on. Now, thanks to a 10,000 word Thanksgiving weekend push, I have 50,000 words of a novel, a cool Viking winner’s graphic, and an addiction to House:

NaNo 2008 Winner

My favorite part of NaNoWriMo was opening the novel each day and seeing the last few completely nonsensical sentences I wrote before I fell asleep the previous evening—or, judging purely by their content, after I fell asleep. This Saturday night’s sleepwalking prose had to do with cannibals (there were no cannibals in the waking novel) and seems to have been influenced by a show about Aztecs that my sister had been complaining about earlier in the evening. If these bits went on for more than one or two sentences at a time, I could end up with Finnegans Wake.