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The Return of Warren Lapine

Via SFScope: Warren Lapine, former publisher of genre magazines including Weird Tales and Absolute Magnitude, is back in the business.

Lapine is starting a new genre publishing company, to be called Tir Na Nog Press. He’ll be giving DNA shareholders stock in the new company, at a rate of one-for-one.

Tir Na Nog will be launching a new incarnation of Fantastic Stories as a quarterly magazine, with Lapine as the editor. The first 8.5" x 11" issue will have a January 2010 cover date, and should be available in September 2009. He’s already signed up a new Harlan Ellison story for the first issue. All unfulfilled subscriptions for DNA Publications magazines will be filled with Fantastic Stories. Lapine expects the magazine to debut with a circulation of about 15,000.

Fantastic Stories will start reading unsolicited submissions in March or April of this year, and will be paying, on acceptance, 4-10 cents per word for new fiction (2 cents per word for reprints of stories that first appeared on the web). Checks will go out with contracts. While Lapine, personally, prefers hard sf and magic realism, he’ll be reading all sorts of sf/f/h for the magazine.