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More Paranormal Romance

Via io9: Publisher’s Weekly discusses the runaway success of paranormal romance in “When Love Is Strange”.

Paranormal romance—like romance in general—is doing extremely well during a period when the economic meltdown has exiled much of publishing to severe doldrums. “What’s going on in the world now has an impact. With wars and the economy, romance is fantasy—these books are the ultimate escape,” says Tsang from Avon. “Readers are always looking for something new.”

Apparently demons and fallen angels are the new vampires and werewolves, but the article leaves little hope for zombie romance:

“Zombies are not sexy. Romances don’t feature zombies,” says Tsang, laughing. “Zombies are rotting dead flesh who eat brains. When you say vampire, you think David Boreanaz. Until David Boreanaz becomes a zombie—no way.”

Funny, I thought he already was a zombie.