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Baking Your Own

Via John Gruber: screenwriter John August compares running your own blogging software to baking your own bread.

Over the weekend, there was a lot of uproar about a worm attack on WordPress installations that wrecked some notable blogs. Amid the sometimes-smug observations by the unaffected, I found one point that needs to be elevated to basic principle:

Most people shouldn’t be running their own blogging software.

Services like Tumblr, Posterous and Blogger are excellent and free. WordPress.com, the hosted version of WordPress, gives you 90% of the benefits with none of the hassle.

I usually bake my own bread, and it used to go without saying that I would run my own blog software. I’ve gotten less geeky over time, though, and this drupal installation is the last major PHP honeypot on my site. (It’s up to date.) My other blog is Blogger hosted at blogspot.