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The Stories of Now

Via twitter: Kim Stanley Robinson has an article in New Scientist about Virginia Woolf, Olaf Stapledon, the Booker Prize, the current golden age of British science fiction, and stories of now. New Scientist also has eight flash stories up under the fiction of now, and a flash contest: 350 words or less, due October 15th.

Here is KSR’s list of modern British science fiction writers:

I say this as a happy fan and an awed colleague: the range, depth, intensity, wit and beauty of the science fiction being published in the UK these days is simply amazing. The eight wonderful writers featured here are only a representative sampling of a community of artists so strong that it is hard to explain. Add to these Brian Aldiss, Neal Asher, Iain Banks, [Stephen Baxter,] Christopher Evans, Alasdair Gray, Colin Greenland, [Nicola Griffith,] John Courtenay Grimwood, Peter Hamilton, Nick Harkaway, M. John Harrison, Robert Holdstock, Gwyneth Jones, Garry Kilworth, Doris Lessing, Ian R. MacLeod, [Ken MacLeod, Paul McAulay, Ian McDonald,] China Miéville, Richard Morgan, Christopher Priest, Alastair Reynolds, Adam Roberts, [Justina Robson,] Jennifer Rohn, [Geoff Ryman,] Brian Stableford, Charles Stross, Lisa Tuttle[, Ian Watson]

Emphasis added. The writers in parentheses are the flash authors he said to add.