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The First Million Words are the Hardest

As part of being back on the wagon, I wrote a new story this week and submitted it to Writers of the Future—at 11:50pm Thursday night, thanks to their new online submissions policy. Today I finally got around to logging it and my NaNoWriMo novel in my giant writing spreadsheet, and I noticed that I’d gone over the million word mark back on November 30th. Since I started writing in the summer of 2001, I also managed to do the whole thing in just under 10 years. (For the significance of these numbers, see my post on 10 Years or 1,000,000 Words.)

I wouldn’t say that this week’s story was my best work or that it subtly displayed every one of my million words of practice, but I did bang it out surprisingly quickly; it only took one evening (Wednesday) out of my active social schedule. It’s also my third story in that particular universe, so I think once it’s been rejected a few times I might package it up with the other two for sale.