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Interview with the Writer

I was interviewed virtually by Lila Munro at Realmantic Moments yesterday (http://lilamunro.weebly.com/1/post/2011/08/welcome-mc-demarco.html). I apologize for the late notice; I thought the interview was coming out today. It includes an excerpt from my Paramourtal story, “Sympathy From the Devil.” Three or four other interviews with authors from the anthology are available under Lila’s Musings (http://lilamunro.weebly.com/lilas-musings.html).

My characters were interviewed meta-virtually by Sherry Gloag at The Heart of Romance blog last week while I was busy packing. I apologize for the even later notice; I thought the interviews were coming out next month, but that turns out to be when the reviews will appear. You can read more interviews of characters and their authors from the anthology by clicking on Sherry’s Paramourtal label.


Lila Munro’s site is down, but you can find the interview in her August 2011 archive in the Wayback Machine, if you’re willing to scroll down. Or read it here.