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Crick Tickers, Cooters, and Games

I released Crick Ticker, a web-based stream marker manager for App.net, before leaving for Pinewoods a week and a half ago. There are a few vacation photos up at Favd, starting with the red-bellied cooter, and we also played a lot of board games, which inspired me to update my collection on BoardGameGeek.

I got back very behind on my Alpha stream. Of course all my app.net iOS apps had misplaced my stream marker, and were still terrible at loading more posts without losing my place. So I got to use Crick Ticker to put my stream marker back where it belonged—several times—and found myself wanting a bit more functionality.

Today I updated Crick Ticker just a bit to show post IDs on hover and to allow you to reset an existing marker to itself (mainly in order to also set the last read marker or to set another stream’s marker to match). The code is up at github, if anyone is interested. It bears a genetic resemblance to my code for Paste.