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Kingdom Builder Randomizer

I supported the Kingdom Builder Big Box kickstarter, but only at the level of the Island expansion (a.k.a., Queenie 3), which arrived a while back. Recently, I managed to fit in into my Little Big Box of the base set, the Nomads expansion, and the other two mini-expansions, Caves and Capitols. (This was made difficult by the cute but bulky plastic boxes I use to hold the settlement pieces, but I prevailed.)

I wondered if there was a board randomizer that took into account the obscure, sometimes unpublished, rules for using the expansions; I found one that handled Capitols well, but not Caves or the Island at all.

So, something being incomplete on the Internet, I improved it. Now it randomizes all expansions, either according to the various usage rules provided (or not provided) with the expansions—or the user can input odds for each expansion appearing, instead. Try it out here, or check out the source at github.