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I recently tried to move my abysmal recipe photography collection back to Penflip from its temporary housing here on the website. This did not go well; long ago a fellow penflipper figured out for me that the server was blocking image uploads with git, only allowing them through the UI, and things have not improved since then.

This was the last in a long line of minor Penflip issues—the last, because I finally gave up and just moved my recipes from Penflip to Github. They are not quite as easy to navigate there, but for nice navigation you can still see them here on the site. This has not solved all of my recipe woes; the process of copying the recipes to the website is still somewhat manual. I still don’t know how the food bloggers make their food so gorgeous; I’ve only managed to make mine slightly less orange, and that may just be better lighting in the new kitchen after which the cookbook is named, plus a side order of Waterlogue.

My newest recipe is Tuscan Chicken with Olives and Capers, which came out very pretty and which I forgot to photograph. I also edited Tasty Easy Fudge and took pictures which I have not yet downloaded for posting.


The chicken has been photographed and the fudge uploaded.