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Link Checked

The website was in sore need of link checking; link blogs do not age well and the link rot is deep. But I’ve cleaned up quite a bit of it (for the first time in a decade in some places), with a focus on non-blog content like The Accidental Conlanger. I put a fair amount of effort into keeping my own content alive (or at least propping a tombstone up where it used to be), so it’s always disappointing to see websites restructure away tons of content away altogether, or shuffle it around without putting in working redirects.

I believe the saddest loss to the Internet of geeky things is The Darmok Dictionary, which, though down for the eternal count, still persists in zombie form at the Wayback Machine. But Google does not return archival zombie texts when you search for Shaka, when the walls fell, only dead links to them.

Today we also registered for Sasquan before prices go up and Hugo nominations close—not as a Sad Puppies thing but because we’re actually going and we may as well both save the cash and rock the vote.