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Pasted and Patreonized

I set up a Patreon account sometime last week, because I was resurrecting Paste from the dead and some Paste fans who also use Patreon have encouraged me to sign up more than once. Of course I’m not so patreonized that I would give my Patreon site a real launch or do any of the things suggested in the many emails I’ve gotten from Patreon over the course of the week since I signed up, but I did finally get around to making a post this weekend about the rebirth of Paste. It said more or less the following:

Paste was a client-side pasteboard app I wrote for App.net back in the day. When App.net went down a couple of weeks back, all my App.net apps went down with it. (The latter was how I found out App.net was being shut down and you’d better get your data out before…oops.)

Fortunately, I’d gotten onto pnut.io, a similar social network, back before the rush of App.net refugees, and the API had matured enough since then that I could get Paste running again with just a few tweaks. The new Paste is up at paste.mcdemarco.net.

In honor of the near occasion of internet privacy last week, I made sure Paste also works at the secure version of the URL: https://paste.mcdemarco.net.

Note that the new Paste requires an invitation-only pnut.io account in order to save pastes.

I have ideas for some more Patreonizable projects: perhaps finishing the hypertext novel I started in November, and definitely finishing the custom playing card generator I’ve been working on more recently.