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State of the Timelines

A couple of NaNoWriMos ago I surveyed the state of timeline software. Since then, Aeon Timeline has been updated, but with no noticeable improvement to their support for fantasy calendars—though it’s hard to tell for sure that nothing has happened because they wiped out the forums (and the forum post where I described my need for configurable leap years).

If I were writing timeline software for custom calendars, it would definitely be more configurable than Aeon is; it would support other real calendars, like the Persian solar calendar(s), as well as well-known fantasy calendars like the Hobbit calendar—not to mention superimposing multiple calendars. This is such a big omission from Aeon that I have to wonder what else they’ve done wrong.

Preceden, a timeline-making site I hadn’t heard of last time, has a long list of timeline makers on their website; scroll down for their detailed overviews and screenshots of each.