m. c. de marco: To invent new life and new civilizations...


I made a few improvements to my pnut.io apps (formerly ADN apps) during this weekend’s hackathon. I haven’t said much about them in the past because pnut was an invite-only service, but now it’s also open to public signups. So if you’re interested in these apps, you can sign up and use them.

My pasteboard app, Paste, is no longer as greedy for privileges when you authorize it; it will only read its own channels (unlike some apps I could mention, but won’t). I also fixed some issues with my old copy of highlight.js, and now Markdown highlighting, while still minimal, is obviously present.

My shopping list app, Market Bucket, got a manual refresh button (by request). I thought a bit about making it more proactive about refreshing for you, but didn’t actually code any of that. Either way, refresh won’t help you any unless you’re using a shared list at the same time as another list member.