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NaNoWriMo 2018

Another year, another National Novel Writing Month! I think I’m getting to that NaNo age where it’s better to stop counting my wins.

nano 2018 winner badge

The NaNoWriMo forums have not improved any, with the same old threads getting overcrowded, and being doomed to deletion sometime next summer.

Despite my longing looks at Manuskript, I continued to use Scrivener this year, in combination with my gamebook project template, Scree, now in its Scrivener 3 incarnation. Last year I lucked into a major simplifying factor for my hyperfiction: a two-part structure of the novel, where, if you survived the apocalypse, you got to participate in some brave new world thread or other. This year I did that more intentionally, ending up with four semi-reusable parts (out of far too many planned).

I kept the cat-vacuuming down this year, only fixing some minor issues in my tools, while mostly goofing off on Discord and BoardGameGeek (the latter leading to a new geeklist, FAQ, and game).