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I don’t update the recipes from Github to the site frequently, but after making Rough Puff pastry for Feta Puffs for a party that got snowed out, I used my unexpected free time to go through the partially-manual update process. I didn’t take pictures of the puff pieces, but I only made half the batch and we only ate a quarter of it, so there’s still hope. (Other recent, mostly unphotographed recipes include Devilled Chicken Thighs, Turkey or Chicken a la King, and M&M Bark.)

While I was under the Jekyll hood, I automated more of the process so that now there’s only one manual step: fitting new recipes into the human-curated recipe list order. The menus have been rearranged and renamed a bit as well. The recipes, the accidental conlanger, and the material formerly classified under “social” or “stream” now appear together under the heading “salmi”.