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PrePub 1.1.1

PrePub is my Twine “proofing” format for converting a purely choice-based (no scripting) Twine story to a hyperlinked ePub book (with help from pandoc). I added shuffling of sections (or gamebook paragraphs) in version 1.1.0, but didn’t get around to releasing that version beyond tagging it at GitHub.

Pure print support is still in the future for PrePub, as I haven’t yet decided how to rewrite links for that case. Other to-do’s include parsing your StoryData for an alternate start passage title, handling wiki formatting (as in SugarCube), handling multiple authors, finding authors beyond the StoryAuthor passage, and rewriting links to use paragraph numbers (shuffled or not).

Converting some basic JavaScript or macros like display and include would not be impossible, but is out of scope for the moment. I would like it to respect some of the special passages and tags introduced in Gordian Book.