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Myrmex 1.3.6

I’ve been playing my JavaScript implementation of the Decktet solitaire game Myrmex a bit on a new phone and noticed an annoying zoom bug, which is hopefully now fixed. I also did a bit of “notch” tweaking, which involved figuring out a way to get one of the surprising variety of Mac app store color pickers (DevSwatch) to return the same color as I’d put into Myrmex’s stylesheet. (I had to switch to the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color space in both DevSwatch—after I’d switched away—and my new laptop’s display settings.)

Once again, if you need an older version of Myrmex hosted somewhere, let me know and I’ll put one up. You can also download it from GitHub and open up the web page—no building or web-serving required.