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Zoning Out Randomizer

I made a Zoning Out Randomizer for a solo pyramid game that I haven’t actually played yet. I spotted the game on the Games Only You Have Played geeklist for this month, and it seemed like my kind of thing (I love Sprawlopolis), though not without the convenience of a randomizer like this one. I also enlivened the scoring sheet to do some of the math for you.

The odd URL is due to it being in a fork of mine on my github pages. I converted the README using pandoc (rather than by grabbing GitHub’s conversion), then added some vanilla modern javascript to do the randomization. You can also manually pick your three scoring goals, or pass some in in the URL. For example, for the first three goals, the URL would be mcdemarco.github.io/321/zoningoutrandomizer.html?1,2,3.