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The New Kitchen Cookbook

Using the Cookbook

Some notes about the cookbook: the recipes are all kosher, and many are non-dairy that would otherwise be dairy; they have been altered for reasons of kashrut and/or lactose intolerance. No recipes have been altered to avoid salt, fat, trans fat, white flour, or sugar. I do have a tendency to omit black pepper and to fail to peel tomatoes even when instructed to do so. (Or I comply and then eat the peels raw.) There is one intentionally gluten-free recipe; it requires a pizzelle iron.

Most of my recipes use olive oil instead of butter or other oils. When I say olive oil in a recipe, I mean extra virgin olive oil unless specified otherwise. (Some cookie recipes use pure olive oil.)

Measurements are in American, temperatures are in Fahrenheit, and spoons and cups are all level. Tablespoons are generally abbreviated T, teaspoons tsp, and cups c. Flour is fluffed (I shake up the jar), scooped, and leveled, but not sifted.

Dried spices are assumed unless fresh is specified; to substitute dry for fresh, use 1/3 of the fresh amount; triple the dry amount to use fresh. I have seen advice for substituting ground spice for dried leafy spice: use half the dried amount–but usually I have both around so I don’t know how well that goes. For cardamom, the equivalence I use is 1/6 tsp ground cardamom per cardamom pod.

A few measurements are omitted, usually because of cookbooks that just said to salt or pepper to taste.