m. c. de marco: noteboard

January 25, 2006

To edit either a raster or vector object, select it then choose the Edit->Edit Raster or Edit->Edit Vector menu item. Bounds, resolution (raster only), map projection, type, colour table and supplementary notes can all be changed from this window. Bounds can be changed either by typing new coordinates for each of the four edges of the object, or by dragging the mouse in the main display window to identify a sub-area of the object. To 'cut out' a subset of an object, make sure the Extract subset option is selected. To change the resolution of a raster object, ensure the Interpolate to new resolution option is selected and appropriate values are entered in the N-S Res and E-W Res fields. This technique can be used to remove 'steps' in a coarse DEM, or to provide an optimal sampling strategy for DEMs that are too large for effective processing.

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