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Scapple to Twine

DotScap is a proofing format that lays out a Twine story as a Scapple mind map. However, to go in the other direction—from a Scapple file to a Twine story—requires more than just a story format. This page will do the conversion for you, entirely in your browser. (When you "upload" your file, nothing is sent to the webserver.)

scap2tw creates a very simple story file with passages having the names and links they had in Scapple, and in the same positions they were in in Scapple (except in the Twee case, because the Twee format does not preserve position). A somewhat random passage may be chosen to be your start passage (except in the Twine 1 case, where it will be omitted if it doesn't exist in the Scapple file). Your title will be taken from the filename unless you enter one manually. The original filename from your Scapple file will be used for your generated file, but with the appropriate new extension.

You should be able to change the story format from Snowman or no format to Harlowe or another format using Twine 2. You can change from Sugarcane or Twee to another format using Twine 1. You can also do this with an appropriate command-line program for your Twine version, like TweeGo, Twee2, Twee, etc. (Twee2 is a position-preserving version of the Twee plain text format used by Twee2.)

Upload a Scapple File



Your file should download automatically with the following contents:


Scapple's underlying file format is XML; this page uses XSLT to transform it into the HTML used by Twine stories, or into Twine's older plain-text Twee format.