m. c. de marco: The New Kitchen Cookbook

About The New Kitchen Cookbook

duck with pots of soup and wild rice in background

My recipes were living in Springpad (and on paper) when I discovered Penflip. I thought they needed a bit more organization than SpringPad was giving them (and I wanted my recipe descriptions back that SpringPad had dropped for no reason), so I decided to turn them into a real Penflip book.

Penflip was a pretty but buggy front-end to Git and Pandoc whose inconveniences began to outweigh its benefits for me, especially once I integrated the recipes into my website. So I moved the cookbook again, to GitHub, where you can dig up the latest recipes and corrections if you are sufficiently technically inclined.


If I had to describe the cookbook, I’d call it Mediterranean-American. Most of the soups are Portuguese; most of the cookies are Italian. (It’s not a cookie without anise.) The Pasta chapter is mostly Italian as well, but there are also a few North African recipes, some American standards, and plenty of basics so I don’t have to look them up elsewhere every time. The bread is mostly no-knead.