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Useless Week

Walter Jon Williams blogged last week about Useless Day, the unpredictable day of the week on which he gets nothing done. I measure my writing in weeks, so I have Useless Weeks instead. The first week of December, for example, is always a Useless Week of goofing off after NaNoWriMo.

Having discovered for the seventh year in a row that, while I can type 50,000 words in a row, I still can’t write a novel, the question arises: what next? Before November struck I was having a flash fiction phase, so it seems likely I’ll go back to that. On the other hand, with one Useless Week down, only three remain before the next WotF deadline, so I may put off the flash and start on a longer short story instead.

Congratulations to Amy Tibbetts, a fellow Odyssey grad I spotted on the latest list of Honorable Mentions for the WotF contest.