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Myrmex 1.3.3

My JavaScript implementation of the Decktet solitaire game Myrmex suffered a relapse of the jitters in iOS 13. My “fix” was reverting my previous fix for the iOS 11 scrolling bug, while preserving my original fix for the jitter bug. Old hardware appears to be a factor, so you may not notice a problem if your device is new or non-Apple, while I may have rebroken things in iOS 11 and 12 if you do have an older iDevice (and also re-fixed the even older browsers).

I also noticed that iOS 13 has gotten more aggressive in selecting “text” that you never wanted to select, so I had to extend my use of -webkit-user-select:none and add a generous helping of -webkit-touch-callout:none to the css. This affects my other JavaScript implementations of Decktet solitaire games as well (but isn’t as annoying there as they’re click-based rather than drag-and-drop based) and I’ll need to update them at some point.

Also in iOS 13, there seems to be some cache sharing among home screen apps that makes it difficult to update them without deleting all old versions. Caveat clickor.

While I was mucking about I noticed an entirely unrelated bug report for Myrmex involving bad Windows behavior that I’ve seen but never really grokked before: when a Windows browser wants to scroll, it adds the scrollbars to your element, pushing your stuff out of the way. It would have been nice of GitHub to tell me about the bug way back when it was filed, but fortunately it was still reproducable and fixable with CSS: scrollbar-width:none.

If you need an older version of Myrmex hosted somewhere, let me know and I’ll put one up. You can also download it from GitHub and open up the web page—no building or web-serving required.